Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

* If you're launching a new site, write an introduction and submit it to share
sites like Digg, Reddit and Now Public.

* Have your friends tag your best work in Digg. This is a site that allows
people to vote or and against articles. Your friends can help you move your
article in the right direction. If your article is good it can bring a lot of

* Encourage readers to Digg authority articles. If they like the article or post
they will vote for it for you (it takes a few seconds).

* Create a Yahoo Group in the niche of
your site.

* Create a MySpace account. You can
publicise your site by it.

* Bookmark your site on and add it
as button to your homepage.

* Create a Technorati account.

* Use Technorati Tags. It gathers the latest blog entries and organizes them
into categories. In order to get into the right Technorati categories, you
have to tag your blog entries. That way you will be exposed to other bloggers
and webmasters that can link to you. To create a Technorati Tags use the Tag
Generator tool. The only thing you have to do is to type the keyword, and the
tool will make the code for the tag.

* Submit you site to free search engine directories.

* Place a free ad for your company on Gumtree.